Cravings When Pregnant Is Not Always Good, This Is The Way To Tackle It

When pregnant young, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to only want one or two types of certain food menus. To the extent that almost every day just want to eat the same food. Is this what is called cravings? What is the cause and are there any bad effects? In Indonesia, cravings are synonymous with sour, spicy and salty foods. For example young mangoes, fruit salad or meatballs. There are also more specific, for example meatballs with spicy chili sauce. Let's look at whether these cravings can indeed be explained medically and how to respond appropriately. Alleged Causes of Cravings If in early pregnancy, pregnant women may feel morning sickness that is marked by nausea, vomiting, and not eating. After that, although it doesn't always happen, pregnant women may start feeling cravings. The cause of cravings is not yet known with certainty. There are several allegations that some experts try to explain, namely: Culture Cravings can occur because that is what is com
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